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I am considering finding wonderful homes for two of my older females as of April 1st 2022.  Both are retired show dogs so are highly socialized and great travelers as well as great family pets. I will only let them go to approved homes that offer what I am looking for for these two well trained girls.  They both have all of their OFA certifications and are not being sold as breeding dogs as they have been recently spayed.  Current on vaccinations.  One is 8 years of age and the other is 6years of age.  Both could still be great for a Junior Handler and the 6 year old could be a prospect also for obedience, rally, scent work, lure coursing or possibly other venues you might want to have fun with her in.  The 8 year old would also be a possible therapy dog prospect. Both are great pets and love to play ball, travel well and love adventure as well as just being couch potatoes. You don't have to go through the puppy phase with these wonderful adults!  Each girl has their own web page here as well as there are other photos of them on the Wildfire Golden Retrievers Facebook page.  Price ranges are $1,000 to $2,500 for adult dogs and there will be a thorough screening process to ensure the best match in a home for them.  

Photos of 8 year old

"Jewel" celebrating her 8th Birthday

"Jewel" on left celebrating July 4th 2021

Retrieving a stick out of the Tonto Creek near Gisela

Posing in Tonto Creek a month ago 

Photo from February 2022

Photos of 6 year old

"Hannah" at Salt River 2021

"Hannah" retrieving in the Tonto Creek near Gisela about a month ago

"Hannah" top - "Jewel" bottom


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